Short break to KL visiting Batu Caves and Genting Highland

Kuala Lumpur is a nice short getaway. It’s good for few attractions nearby the city and shopping as Malaysian currency is weak at the moment.

From Singapore we took a midnite bus from golden mile to Kuala Lumpur bus station at TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). From there we caught a train to the city.

Batu Caves

After leaving the bag at the hotel, we went to KL Sentral to catch a train to Batu Cave. Batu means bats. It took us around 30 mins from KL Sentral to reach our stop.

Batu Caves are famous for Murugan statue, which is the world’s tallest statue.

On the left side of Batu Caves, there is a Ramayana Cave. The entrance required ticket but it’s quite cheap and worth to visit. Inside we can see the Statue describing the story of Ravana capturing Sita, Ramayana’s wife and the war to free her.



Genting Highland

We spent 1 night shopping and eating delicious food in KL and then furthered to Genting Highland by Genting express bus. Genting Express bus was at 11 rm and came with the cable car ride.

The scenery on top was awesome, giving the feel like living in the cloud.


The scenery on top was awesome and we were like living in the cloud.

We stayed at First world hotel on Sunday night. The price is 2-3 times cheaper than staying over the weekend. We also paid 5rm to get a nice mountain view. Also noted that they will charge you another 5rm more if you check in before 5pm.

The hotel has a nice shopping plaza inside, a casino, and a great variety of food. The price for fast food like McDonald and Mary Brown is at an affordable price. Perhaps, it’s almost the same as in the city.

First World hotel does not provide drinking in the room but they provide water station to refill our bottle. The water station can be found in the walkway.

There is a free hourly shuttle between  FIRST WORLD HOTEL – CHIN SWEE TEMPLE. This temple is a Taoist temple with a nice mountain view. It’s good to see if  you have enough time.




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